Aquabot Pool Rover S20-L40 Review!

You are probably here, because you want to have your clean pool right? One of the best ways to clean your pool is by using automatic pool cleaners. They are great, because they clean all the unwanted debris and dirt, without our help. Today I will talk more in details about Aquabot Pool Rover S20-L40 pool cleaner. It is an automatic pool cleaner which can help you to make your clean more clean and healthy. You will find more about the type and the brand of this cleaner. Of course, I will also tell you what are the product features which make this cleaner different from others. I have found also a great video presentation of Aquabot cleaners and the model Aquabot Pool Rover S20-L40 which you can find more at the end of this post.

Aquabot Pool Rover S20-L40 cleaner

Quick Info:

Name: Aquabot AJET121l Pool Rover S20-L40
Type: Robotic Pool Cleaner
Price: Check here for price!
Rating: 3.5
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Let’s first begin with the type of the cleaner. Aquabot Pool Rover S20-L40 is a robotic pool cleaner. Robotic pool cleaners are different from traditional cleaners. Traditional cleaners are suction and pressure side cleaners. Robotic cleaners are the most advanced and the newest type of cleaners. It is really easy to make them do their job. We have just to plug them into an outlet and put them into the pool. Then they will care for the remaining debris and dirt. They will move all around your pool and will clean pool’s floor, walls and even stairs. What is also great is that they don’t need any hose and they work complete separated from the pool system filter. They have a built in filter where all the dirt goes. However, they are of course a great long term investment and are worth their money.

What about the brand which is making Aquabot Pool Rover S20-L40? The brand Aquabot is an American based company which first produced and showed robotic pool cleaner. This was in 1982. They are a company which is trying to present new innovative ways, so people will more enjoy their time in the cleaner and healthier pool. Their cleaners will remove the finest parts of debris and will reduce the use of other chemicals. They say their company is the keeper of pure and they provide top quality, affordable value and happiness of their customers.

Product Features

  • This cleaner will make your water more crystal and healthier and you will need less chemicals.
  • Aquabot cleaners have pumps which are strongest in the industry.
  • It will clean all areas of any pool shape. You can use it for in-ground and above ground pools.
  • Its great design makes it able to move around all parts of your pool without the need of you helping it.
  • S20-L40 cleaner uses a linear jet which helps, so it moves and cleans forward and backward.
  • You can access to two filter boxes which uses nylon filter mesh from the top.
  • A great thing is also the timer with the automatic shut off. It will clean a smaller pool approximately in an hour and a larger pool in two hours.

What I think about Aquabot Pool Rover S20-L40?

This cleaner is not one of the cheap cleaners and because of this it is not one of the low quality cleaners. It’s a cleaner which can nicely clean your pool. It surprised me when I looked at the ratings, because I truly believed that this product will have just best ratings. However, it has good rating, but I believed it would have higher one. It’s made by Aquabot which is one of the leading and recognized companies which are making pool cleaners.

Presentation about Aquabot products and this cleaner!

Remember that I said I have found a video about Aquabot products and Aquabot Pool Rover S20-L40. Here it easy. Take a look!

What to do now?

Don’t know what to do now when you read the Aquabot Pool Rover S20-L40 review? If you like Aquabot Pool Rover S20-L40 than is the time that you order one or two for you. If you don’t like this product, than I suggest looking at other automatic pool cleaner reviews at reviews page or at other types of pool cleaners if you don’t like robotic pool cleaners. Hope this post was helpful and informative and you will share it with your friends.