Dolphin Triton Robotic Pool Cleaner Review!

Having a clean pool may be a real pain in the ass, if we want to do it by ourselves. Thankfully there are also automatic pool cleaners which can do all the job for us. We have different types and models of automatic pool cleaners, so it might be hard to choose a good one. In this post I will talk about Dolphin Triton robotic pool cleaner which is one of the pool cleaners which can clean your pool to perfection. You will find what are the features that make Dolphin Triton good. I also talk about the type and the brand which is producing this great pool cleaner. I have also found a video about this great machine at work, which you can see at the end.

dolphin triton robotic pool cleaner

Quick Info:

Name: 99996356 Dolphin Triton
Type: Robotic Pool Cleaner
Price: Check here for price!
Rating: 4.3
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Dolphin Triton is a robotic type of pool cleaners. Robotic pool cleaners are the most advanced cleaners. In my opinion they will be more and more used in the future, because they are different from traditional pressure and suction side pool cleaners. Robotic cleaners are really easy to use. We have just to plug them into an outlet (need to be GFCI protected) and then put the cleaner in the pool. They will take for the debris and dirt we don’t want to see on pool’s floor, walls and stairs. We don’t need any booster pump or hose like traditional cleaners need. What is also great is that most of them work completely separately from pool system filter, so you don’t have to worry about getting clogged your filter. They most time have a built in filtration system where all the debris goes. They are also a long term investment. Now they may cost a little bit more than traditional cleaners, but in the long run, you will save money.

What is the brand which makes so great pool cleaner? The brand which is making this cleaner is Maytronics. They are making cleaners which are energy efficient which is great, because this is not just good for you, but also for the environment. Beside that their Dolphin series reduce the chemical needs by up to 30%.

Product Features

  • This cleaner will vacuum, scrub and filter all areas in your pool in only 3 hours.
  • It has its own cartridge filter system with the spring-clean option which will help you, so you will clean it fast and easy. This is also great, because you are completely separated from your pool filter system.
  • It has a swivel cable, so you don’t need to worry about cable tangling.
  • You will also get a caddy, so you can move your cleaner around, which is very handy.
  • Saving money with this cleaner is not a question, because it will cost you only around 15 to clean the pool.
  • Easy to set it up, just plug it in the outlet and put it into the water.
  • This cleaner is also self-programmed, so it will clean your pool for optimal results.

I have also to mention that we have two types of this model. We have the Dolphin Triton and the Dolphin Triton Plus which has even more features and it’s faster than the normal model.

What I think about Dolphin Triton robotic pool cleaner?

This cleaner is one of the best robotic pool cleaners. I have also took a look at people ratings and reviews and I have discovered that it has really great ratings comparing to other models. It’s for sure a great pool cleaner. Besides that, it is really easy to use it and it has a really unique and great design. Takes part at robotic pool cleaners, which are more and more used nowadays, because of their advanced features comparing to old traditional cleaners.

The great cleaner at work!

Here is the video that I have mentioned before. Take a look at Dolphin Triton pool cleaner at work.

You don’t know what to do next?

You have now read the review of Dolphin Triton robotic pool cleaner. If you like it, is a good time that you order the Dolphin Triton or the upgraded Dolphin Triton Plus with even more features. If you are not sure about this cleaner, then I recommend you take a look at other automatic pool cleaner reviews at reviews page where I mentioned and have wrote about more models.