Hayward Navigator Pro 975ADC Review!

When it comes to cleaning pool we are looking for the easiest way to get it clean, so we have to look at best automatic pool cleaners. One of them is for sure the Hayward Navigator Pro pool cleaner. Today I will talk about this great cleaner. I will tell you more information, so you will know it better. You will find what features have this pool cleaner and why it is good.

Hayward Navigator Pro


Quick info:

Type: Suction side cleaner
Name: Hayward Navigator Pro 925ADC
Rating: 4.2
Price: Check the price here!
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This pool cleaner is made by Hayward Company which is making cleaners, not just for the appearance and the maintenance of the pool, but also to take of the investment you made in the pool. They have made and they offer different cleaners which are save more energy and are more effective at cleaning.

Hayward Navigator Pro pool cleaner is a part of the suction side cleaner’s family. These type of cleaners are used a lot nowadays by pool owners. This type of cleaners can easily move on pool’s bottom and climb on the wall. They are good because they don’t need an extra boost pump like pressure side cleaners need. We set them up by just attaching the hose to the cleaner and other side to the pool plumbing. This can be the skimmer or separated port. This type of cleaners work like this that they move around and clean the dirt. The dirt goes straight to the hose into the pool system filter. If you have a pool in which land a lot of leaves and flower, I recommend you get leaf canister to prevent clogging the system filter.

Product Features

Till now I have talked about the brand which is making Hayward Navigator Pro and the type of the cleaner, but now let’s go right into the product features to see what can this little cleaner do.

  • Hayward Navigator Pro is great for all in-ground pool types. It doesn’t matter what size of pool you have, it will take care for all sizes.
  • It is very easy to install it. We can install it in 10 minutes or less.
  • Another great thing that this cleaner have is the SmartDrive programmed steering which will help that the average sized pool will be cleaned in maximum 3 or 4 hours. The SmartDrive technology is great because it uses the flow of water through filtration system to drive cleaner alternately right and left side to provide best surface coverage and most effective cleaning.
  • Another great thing is that this cleaner is very quiet, so you may think that he is not working.
  • It cleans quiet and faster than other random automatic cleaners and because of that there is less possibility to miss zones in the pool.
  • Hayward Navigator Pro is available in three styles. There are available the Fiberglass, Gunite and Vinyl style, so you can choose one you like most.

What I think about it?

This automatic pool cleaner is one of the most used suction side pool cleaners. It is not the most used ones, but is for sure one of the most popular cleaners. A great thing for this cleaners is that is one of the most silent ones.

Hayward Navigator Pro at work and how to use it video!

Don’t know what to do now?

You have come to end of Hayward Navigator Pro 975ADC review. If you want more pool cleaner reviews visit the review page. I hope you found good information about Hayward Navigator Pro and if you like it than is the right time to buy it, because you pool needs to be clean. You may also look at other types of pool cleaners. This are robotic and pressure side cleaners. Hope you like this post and you will share it.