Hayward Tiger Shark Review!

If we want to have our pool cleaned the easiest way, then we should have an automatic pool cleaner. There are many types of pool cleaners, but today I will talk about Hayward Tiger Shark robotic pool cleaner. In this post you will find more info about Hayward Tiger Shark, so in the end you will know it much better. I will talk about the type of the cleaner and its features, which makes this cleaner good.

Hayward Tiger Shark pool cleaner

Quick info:

Type: Robotic Pool Cleaner
Name: Hayward Tiger Shark
Price: Check the price here!
Rating: 4.1
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Firstly I want to talk a little bit about the Hayward Company which is producing amazing pool cleaners, including the awesome Tiger Shark cleaner. Hayward company say that they are making cleaners, not just for good looking pools and their maintenance, but also to protect your investment you made. Beside that they are also making cleaners which consume less energy and are more effective.

Now let’s move to the type of the cleaner. We have 3 types of pool cleaners. This are suction side, pressure side and robotic pool cleaners. Hayward Tiger Shark belongs to robotic pool cleaners. Robotic pool cleaners are the most advanced ones nowadays. They are different from traditional cleaners (pressure side and suction side). What is awesome at robotic cleaners is they don’t need any extra equipment to stark working. There is really easy to set them up. What you have to do is just plug them in an outlet (GFCI protected) and then put them in the pool. At traditional cleaners you need extra equipment like hose extension (suction cleaners) and boost pump (pressure cleaners). What is even greater is that they are separated from the pool filter system, so you don’t have to be worried about clogging. They will move at the bottom of pool, climb walls and take care for the debris and dirt.

Product Features

Now let’s move to product features. Let’s find out why this robotic cleaner is so powerful and popular among pool’s owners.

  • He is a big energy saver. It is one of the most efficient energy saver between most pressure side cleaners. You can save up to 94 percent of energy with this beast.
  • His cleaning pattern is so efficient, so it will take care for full coverage of the pool (bottom and side).
  • Easy to use, because you have just to take it out of the box, plug it in and move it into the water.
  • You don’t even have to care when he stops cleaning. It has a function that it automatically shut down when it finishes with the 3 hour cleaning.
  • What is also great is that it has a smart computer which determine the size and shape of the pool to save more energy and great looking pool every time.
  • It has also portable brushes and scrubs which help to vacuum all unwanted things in the pool.
  • It also has a cartridge element which consequently means no more bags.
  • For being more safely it also has a 24 DC volt motor which uses less energy.

What I think about it?

I think Hayward Tiger Shark robotic pool cleaner is really a beast. It has so many awesome features, that it for sure belongs to top of the top of pool cleaners. It’s really easy to use it, complete it job perfectly and is a huge energy saver which leads it to best robotic pool cleaners for sure. I think there is no doubt why is so popular and it has so many good reviews from people who already own it. It has also a great design and it is really a shark for dirt and debris in the pool.

Hayward Tiger Shark pool cleaner at work video!

What to do now?

I hope you have found enough information about the beast called Hayward Tiger Shark which, so now if you like it, it is the time to go and order a pair or two of this great automatic pool cleaner. You can also take a look at automatic pool cleaners to discover more or look at the pool cleaner reviews page where you can find different reviews of pool cleaners.