pool cleaning serviceAre you a pool owner? Are you wasting too much time cleaning your pool? If you answered yes, we understand you because we know how time-consuming is cleaning up your pool.

If you want to have a clean pool without worrying much there are 2 options which will help you here.
The first option is to get you an automatic pool cleaner and the second option is to hire a pool cleaning service to do all the required work for you.

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The second option is, of course, easier, because you just hire one of the swimming pool cleaning services near you which will do all the required cleaning and maintaining work without you even thinking about the pool cleanliness.

The first option with pool cleaners is also great because you can save money in the long term compared to hiring pool cleaning services, but you will have to do some easy work to set things up and maintain it. Of course much easier than doing all the hard work with different tools & accessories on your own.

How to choose best pool cleaning service for me?

If you want somebody to clean and maintain your pool you first need to check and think what you need before you hire somebody.

  • First, you need to decide what you want. Do you want a one-time cleaning, do you want them to do you a regular maintenance, do you need to prepare your pool for cold weather (winterization) or do you have a custom request?
  • Then you need to decide when you want the work to be done. It needs to be all planned to get things done correctly. If doing winterization we suggest you take action before the last moment.
  • The last thing is to think and check the price they have. A good thing is also that you talk with the company about what they offer and what you need. By taking in account this you may exclude some things they offer in their packages and get a cheaper price. Of course, we are all happy with a cheaper price, right?

Are you wondering how much does a pool cleaning service cost?

weekly pool maintenance is bestYou are probably wondering how much does the cleaning cost and if you can get it for cheap.Well, the price really varies and the are 2 main things of which price depends on. This is the number of times you need a company to clean your pool and the work that needs to be done.

Often companies offer or have in their packages to clean your pool weekly, once a month or only one time. If you want to maintain your pool in great condition the best option is obviously a weekly maintenance.Some of the works which companies provide include wall brushing, tile brushing, filter cleaning, vacuuming, basket cleanings, checking the chemistry and netting. Most times they can also care for your custom requests.

You want real numbers right?
To get you an idea prices start at 20$ a month and can go up to 70$ or more a month.

What information will companies need?

Companies will require some additional information before they could tell you what is the first rough estimation of the price, so is good that you know what they will ask you.

Required info from companies:

  1. Type of your pool? (above ground, inground, indoor, outdoor pool )
  2. Of what material is pool made of? (fiberglass, concrete, tile, vinyl liner)
  3. What kind of service do you need? (one-time cleaning, regular maintenance, winterization, custom request)
  4. When you need this to be done? (1 week, flexible time, 1-2 weeks, more than 2 weeks etc.)
  5. Provide them a short description of your project and what do you want

Find local services near your area

Wondering where are the pool cleaning services near me?
We have prepared a list below, so take a look and find what is available in your area.


  • Frisco TX
  • Austin TX
  • Katy TX
  • Dallas TX
  • San Antonio TX
  • El Paso TX
  • Houston TX
  • Orange County CA
  • San Diego CA
  • Riverside CA
  • Los Angeles CA
  • Bradenton FL
  • West Palm Beach FL
  • Jacksonville FL
  • Fort Lauderdale FL
  • Kissimmee FL
  • Sarasota FL
  • Fort Myers FL
  • Miami FL
  • Boca Raton FL
  • Tampa FL
  • Venice FL
  • Tucson AZ
  • Mesa AZ
  • Glendale AZ
  • Phoenix AZ
  • Las Vegas NV


  • Brisbane
  • Perth
  • Sydney
  • Gold Coast

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